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The MTAR-21 Micro Tavor Assault Rifle-21st Century is the carbine variant of the IMI TAR-21. UPDATE – Unfortunately You will require Premium or the China Rising DLC to Unlock these weaponsThe MTAR-21 performs almost the exact same as the BF3 counte.

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The 9x19mm round was not capable of penetrating body armor and the 46x30mm solved this problem.

Mtar 21 bf4 unlock. Well not so fast. I also have premium. It is currently the standard of the Israeli Army.

Stats Damage Accuracy Mobility Range Rate. You can find the Multi Talent Assignment in your BF4 Battlelog under Assignments its the second to the last Silver Assignment. Understandable that DICE screwed up and had the weapons with a couple patches ago.

The real life counterpart is the IWI MTAR-21 or Micro Tavor It fires the 556x45mm NATO cartridge. So Ive done all the requirements for the MTAR 21 in BF4 on the xbox 360 and yes I did them all in 1 match. The MP7 is a German Personal Defense Weapon PDW made by Heckler Koch.

Ive tried for the MTAR 21 at least 6 times now and it hasnt unlocked. Guide to how to unlock the MTAR-21 Carbine in Battlefield 4. China Rising and is available to all classes.

It is unlocked for PC and console players upon the completion of the Multi Talent assignment. Bf4 mtar21png The MTAR-21 is an Israeli made Carbine. Compared to the Battlefield 3.

Its 46x30mm cartridge gives the weapon excellent capabilities against body armor while remaining compact enough to easily conceal. Given its high rate of fire people have always enjoyed using it. Not sure what to do.

HttpbitlyGTLSubscribe Subscribe to the Content Creator. Cannot unlock the MTAR-21 Multi talent. The MTAR-21 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4.

The MTAR-21 is a fan favorite weapon that was brought back from Battlefield 3 with the China Rising DLC in Battlefield 4. Unlocking the MTAR-21 in Battlefield 4 is easier than it looks as you glance at the requirements and IMHO its worth the tasks required for the unlock. I understand that there are a couple weapons that came out for the China Rising DLC.

MTAR-21 ファントム GROZA-1 DMR RFB MK11 MOD 0 SKS SVD-12 QBU-88 M39 EMR ACE 53 SV SCAR-H SV ショットガン QBS-09. This gun was designed in response to NATOs requirement to replace the 9x19mm Parabellum. Subscribe to the channel.

I didnt unlock the MTAR-21 the last Carbine. Dear regards Oxive Me too Message 1 of 3 1413 Views Reply 0 Re. Before you can unlock this.

I am a premium user in BF4 if that have something to do with this problemLooking forward for some answers. Hey guys today were going to take a look at the new MTAR-21 carbine in BF4OriginPC.

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