Big Bang Torre Londra

Big Bang Torre Londra

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 Beautiful Places For Living Maps From My Travels All Around The World Big Ben London Lightning Big Ben.

This is a good tourist spot. with the beauty of the giant clock so that the atmosphere. there is very beautiful and romantic. from here I know that tourism does not need to be at the beach. waterfall or mountain.

Yes, there is already a good place here. to enter this place we don’t have to pay.

Entry to the biggest clock area is free of charge on condition that we don’t make trash and maintain the facilities, no. pin Su Inspiration.

With a good view, you don’t have to pay a penny.
so let’s go on a trip to the biggest clock in the world. from me enough and thank you.

who does not know this giant clock in London, England.
Big Bang Torre Londra is a destination for hobby lovers to travel.
you all have to come here to enjoy the sunset from the bridge around there.
maybe not good if you haven’t been there.
what’s more this is a very famous place from all over the world.

yes it’s true this is a cool and nice place. I went there alone and came home alone.
because I’m single, I don’t have a partner. Understandably still unemployed but a lot of savings in cyripto hahaha.

I met a girl there with the name Amel, yes, even though it was the first time we met, we were already very close.
and there I talked about him and myself it turned out that he was Indonesian.

Big Bang Torre Londra
It’s only natural that when you meet him, his name is Amel, yes, I’m a little surprised. it turned out that my prediction was correct, he was an Indonesian from West Java, Bandung

he is here in college and when I asked him if he was single, I was happy.
and finally I asked for his phone number to get to know each other more deeply.

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